The Artist's Guide to Painting Water in Watercolor

By Ron Hazell

As many of you know, I have written this book which is being published by North Light Art Books, Cincinnati, Ohio. To give you a flavor of the book:


Chapter 1 Painting Materials
Chapter 2 Introduction to Painting Water
Chapter 3 Painting Calm Water
Chapter 4 Painting Rippled Water
Chapter 5 Painting Rough Water and Glitter
Chapter 6 Painting Waves Breaking on the Shore
Chapter 7 Painting Open Ocean
Chapter 8 Painting Rivers and Waterfalls
Chapter 9 Painting Fog, Rain and Puddles
Chapter 10 Painting Snow and Ice

The book is liberally illustrated with mini and major step-by-step demonstrations of the various water conditions listed above, all in full color, and explanations are given to describe why water appears as it does. The book will also refer you to web sites where you can see further material I have written, including eight video clips covering how to paint breaking waves, puddles, submerged rocks and more.

Sample Spreads