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Showers on Granville Street Showers on Granville Street
Venice Reflections Venice Reflections
Sea Symphony No. 4 Sea Symphony No. 4
Surf at Prospect, Nova Scotia Surf at Prospect, Nova Scotia
Hope Springs Eternal Hope Springs Eternal
Fog at Peggy's Fog at Peggy's
Morning Light Morning Light
Sunny Hollis Sunny Hollis (Sold)
Fog at Prospect Fog at Prospect
Surf & Turf Surf & Turf (Sold)
Birmingham Near Clyde Birmingham Near Clyde
North End Lane North End Lane
Morning Showers on Hollis Morning Showers on Hollis
Race to the Finish Race to the Finish (Sold)
Solitude Solitude (Sold)
Domes of St. Mark's, Venice Domes of St. Mark's, Venice
Jubilee Jewels Jubilee Jewels (Sold)
Winter Stream Winter Stream
The Capitol The Capitol (Sold)
Morning on Barrington Morning on Barrington (Sold)
Winter Stream Winter Stream
Western Head Western Head
The Babysitter The Babysitter (Sold)
Sea of Gold Sea of Gold (Sold)
West Coast Glitter West Coast Glitter (Sold)
Showers on Hollis Showers on Hollis
Cruising the Canals Cruising the Canals (Sold)
Breakaway Breakaway (Sold)
Slow Ahead Slow Ahead
Morning Fog Morning Fog (Sold)
A Few Peonies A Few Peonies (Sold)
Venetian Memories Venetian Memories
A Venetian Doorway A Venetian Doorway
Evening Light in Venice Evening Light in Venice (Sold)
Oils & Acrylics
Home Stretch Home Stretch
Boutilier's Cove, Nova Scotia Boutilier's Cove, Nova Scotia
Returning from Convoy Duty Returning from Convoy Duty
Yet Another Canadian Moment Yet Another Canadian Moment
A West Wind A West Wind (Sold)
Morning Melt Morning Melt (Sold)
Armdale Yacht Club Armdale Yacht Club
Barrington at Bishop Barrington at Bishop (Sold)
Boutiliers Cove Boutiliers Cove
Fog at Peggy's Cove Fog at Peggy's Cove
Two Tall Ships Two Tall Ships
Just In Time Just In Time (Sold)
Off to Work Off to Work
Western Head Western Head
Domes of St. Mark's, Venice Domes of St. Mark's, Venice
Fisherman's Delight Fisherman's Delight
Foggy Morning Foggy Morning
Night Shift Night Shift
Remnants of Storm Noel Remnants of Storm Noel
San Giorgio Maggiore San Giorgio Maggiore
She's a Fine Boat She's a Fine Boat
Showers on Barrington Showers on Barrington
Storm's Brewing Storm's Brewing
The Henry House The Henry House
Sunny Afternoon on Hollis Sunny Afternoon on Hollis
Winter Shadows Winter Shadows